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Welcome to the home of DiddleySquatt.com,
located in sunny Nelson in the South Island of New Zealand.
Mr Squatt, or Tim Hunt as he is otherwise known as,
is an expert at providing you with
ideas, concept art, storyboards, cartoons,
illustrations for advertising/products/print/social media,
and animated gifs/videos.

Nothing whatsoever to do with some dodgy English TV presenter and his farm, apart from we both enjoy a good steak...

No matter how big or small the job,
no matter where in the world,
a great idea's worth Diddley Squatt.

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"He is always locked up in his office working day and night doing a job. He never has time for his children because is so busy. I haven’t seen his ugly face in years. Oh how I wish I had another dad. Why do you guys have to torture him AND me by sending work in. HOW DARE YOU!" 

"I've worked with Tim for the past 15 years and he is the best storyboard artist I've ever used. There are a few things that I feel set him apart from the others.
Tim does what ever it takes to deliver for his clients, as his commitment to meet your expectations is always his priority.
Tim takes direction well, he translates what's in your head and always makes ideas look better than you expected.
And on top of that, he's always positive and a pleasure to deal with.
I have no hesitation in recommending Tim for any illustration work."

"Tim's not only a brilliant story boarder, but when it's pitch time he's in the mine with the agency working all hours to get it done, he's an asset we couldn't do without."

"Tim has been my go-to storyboard & concept artist over the last twelve years during my time as a producer at DDB and now at Colenso.
He's a talented fellow it goes without saying, but his speed, accuracy at translating briefs and easy going approach have always made him a valuable and reliable artist to rely on."

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