DiddleySquatt.Com Limited was established many years ago in 2002 as the alter ego of Tim Hunt. With the initial intention of creating a business that did Diddley Squatt, it soon became apparent however that Diddley Squatt was anything but Diddley Squatt as Tim's services became more sought after.

Having spent 9 years working as a 2D animator on children's TV shows for Disney, Warner Bros, Nickelodeon, etc Tim's work ethic and demeanour had been gradually shaped and molded to enable him to establish himself as a top storyboard artist and illustrator. The years of slogging over an animation disk easily converted over to slogging away in front of a computer screen, however dodgey that sounds, but has given Tim the experience combined with his wisdom to maintain a work ethic that is both top quality, efficient, reliable, and consistent. With a client base which now includes all of the top advertising agencies in New Zealand and a few overseas, Tim has created hundreds of storyboards for TVCs and pitches, many illustrations for billboards, magazines, bus stops, bus backs and newspapers/online, as well as animated Goodnight Kiwi Christmas special for TVNZ, 2D animated TVCs, gifs, social media videos and internal business videos. Tim has invested significantly in technology to be able to work direct to computer and supply files through email or secure upload. No job too big or too small, Tim is only too happy to help.

A great idea's worth Diddley Squatt..

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